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"May He Protect Us Both"

This invocation was sung in ancient days by the Master and his devotee. They often began their study, or work day together, or their evening class, with this invocation translated from the Sanskrit:

May He (the Lord) protect us both.
May He nourish us both.
May we both work together with great energy.
May our study be thorough and fruitful. May we never hate each other. **

Yes, hate. While on the path of love the devotee goes through many changes, sifts through old attitudes and tendencies. Most everyone has the tendency of hatred. When the disciple is blocked or frustrated, told to do something he or she believes impossible, or is told to obey in some practice which seems childish, the capacity to hate rises up powerfully in the mind and emotions. The initiate’s efforts to become more conscious, coupled with the purity of his or her life, give more vitality and power to think and feel. Because of this power, the initiate’s negative passions, if indulged in, are mightily expressed with much vigor.

When you, the initiate, do not deal with your...

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