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The Master Takes On Your Karma

a strong tree on a hillDuring your initiation the Master will also lovingly take into himself what is called your "karma." (Usually this refers to the future painful consequences of your past actions.) The Master will take into himself the suffering which you have "contracted for" by your past actions and attitudes. Out of love, your Master will suffer for his initiates, making their lives easier, reducing their burdens so they can more easily and quickly find fulfillment. Masters, after giving initiations, are often very weak and it takes awhile for their vigor to return. Throughout their lives their bodies empathetically share in whatever suffering their initiates may be going through.

Not all Masters practice this sharing of the initiate’s suffering. In fact, a few Masters feel no man can suffer the karma of another. However, most Masters do. Because of their love, Masters find it unavoidable to help their devotees in any way they can — even if their assistance involves personal pain. But, remember, Masters have amazing resilience and phenomenal ability to recover.

Your initiation then concludes with...

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