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Different Kinds of Gurus
In your search for the Guru, keep in mind that often by the time a person becomes qualified to be a Guru, old age is approaching or firmly established. Many Gurus accept thirty, or fewer, initiates — sometimes only seven. Some Gurus, due to their early advancement, perform the initiating/awakening function for numerous decades. Some Gurus are qualified and able to transmit higher consciousness and God-realization, or self-realization, to thousands and thousands of people.

Different kinds of Gurus, depending on their nature and their development, specialize in specific ways of realizing the higher consciousness. Some Gurus transmit consciousness which serves all people of all paths. Certainly a blessing from any Guru will help you on your own path. However, some Gurus focus on enabling the aspirant to realize the soul, the higher self, God within. This is called self-realization, where self is not meant to be interpreted as ego but as the Lord who dwells within. Other Gurus focus on enabling the aspirant to enter into and realize profound and lofty relationships, or moods of love with God, as described in the Personal Relationships with Spirit section of this website. Others focus on enabling the aspirant to experience God as pure spirit — essence. They may also focus on enabling the devotee to realize the Absolute which is the one reality out of whose being everything exists and is sustained. In all these different ways, and with the aspirant’s help, Masters untie the knots and blockages which stand in the way of the aspirant’s realization.

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