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1  Unconditional Love

Unless the initiate and Master have unconditional love for one another, there will not be enough love in the relationship for the achievement of the initiate’s ultimate goals. Knowing this, you have to thoroughly consider whether you can strive to commit your love, unconditionally and totally, to your Master. While only a realized person can truly give unconditional love, you, a candidate for initiation, agree to try — day in, day out — with your very utmost, to practice unconditional love. In developing unconditional love for the Master, you become so changed and so giving that you are purified enough to receive the total and awesome love God and the Master have for you. Your giving becomes a great receiving. But unless you can love, you cannot be filled.

rainbow over a lakeThe Master is not a god. He is a human being who has been so changed by the Lord that the Lord can use him as a servant, as your awakener. Thus, your Master, being human, will have flaws and personal likes and dislikes which an unloving initiate may condemn. Through ill will, an unloving devotee grows into an antagonist. If you wish to be a true and successful initiate, you determine, prior to initiation, that you are not going to aim any ill will at your good Master. Rather, you will be vigilant and careful that no ill will ever go out from your mind, heart, or words against your chosen source of transforming love. This yearning to be constant in love for God and the Master is the ideal of all true initiates.

But if you should nevertheless happen to...

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