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Unconditional Love pg 2

But if you should nevertheless happen to fail, and you find yourself directing anger, fear, or jealousy toward your Master, never give up. Accept the deep remorse which comes from blocking such love and do everything humanly possible to right the wrong. Correct the problem: deal with the character flaw which so harshly intrudes in the grand project. For example, if you are deeply angry with your Master, devotees from all ages urge you not lash out at him or her, but proceed something like this:

"Beloved Master, I am having a problem with my anger. Will you help me with it?"

Then the Master and initiate, as an invincible team, work on the anger together. Your character flaw, through love and grace, is eradicated. Endeavoring to have unconditional love and being persistent in it is a tall order for those who have scarcely ever governed their emotions in this life. Its practice is, nevertheless, essential for a successful fulfillment in higher consciousness or God-realization. Even if it takes much extra work and extra thought and extra prayer, an attitude of unconditional love must be engendered. Your determination to persist in selfless love must be a strong passion. That is, much of your blessing on your own quest, "your twenty-five percent," involves your unconditional love — for God, the Master, and yourself.

Your endeavor to persist in unconditional love has to involve your determination to live in unconditional love even when you’re feeling lonely, depressed, frivolous, or smarting from correction. Whether you feel good or bad, happy or sad, your unconditional love must grow!

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