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7  Moderation in Sex Activity

What an easy life Masters would have in this sexually permissive society if spiritual awakening had no relationship with sex activity! But, most all seekers of higher consciousness today readily concur that sex activity requires the use of considerable life force.

Generally, Masters and devotees throughout the ages have not considered sex evil or vile. "Sex is holy, it’s from God," they affirm. In the past, roughly half the world’s prominent enlightened men and women were married; and half were celibate. Yet, most of these agreed that a devotee’s sexual moderation is not only vital, but also very valuable.

Achievers of higher consciousness do much more than think about superconsciousness now and then while in pleasant moods. They direct their life force, their energy, toward their ideal.

If you seek to direct your precious life force toward higher consciousness — and it takes a great deal of energy — you have to be, of necessity, sexually moderate in order to achieve higher consciousness and God-realization. Without moderation it’s unlikely your nerves will become subtle enough to maintain the awakening energy. Instead, your nerves will feel like they are burning up when your spiritual energy is awakened.

But if you merely restrain yourself and do not...

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