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But if you merely restrain yourself and do not redirect your life force wholeheartedly toward higher consciousness, you will repress your energies. Symptoms of repression and failure in moderation are: irritability, timidity, cruelty, jealousy, anger, fear, skepticism, sarcasm, poor concentration, confusion, sickness, and intolerance. The precious benefits of moderation are: a clearer mind, serenity, improved memory, vigor, more positive emotions, sweeter disposition, better concentration, greater ease in entering higher states of awareness, and greater well being. A longer life span is also claimed where moderation is practiced.

Because of these findings throughout the ages, the physiological factors of awakening necessitate moderation. Further, the benefits are considered worthwhile by all who give themselves, and their loved ones, a chance.

If you have problems with moderation or repression, you can learn a number of marvelous transmutation practices. They will also help you overcome intense sexual desire and the debilitation from overly frequent sex.

Here are a few simple practices which may help...

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