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Here are a few simple practices which may help you redirect sex energy, increasing vigor and serenity:

A) Before retiring at night, wash all your body openings with a cool, damp washcloth. Then, as you sleep, your energy will move more naturally in your spine and upper body and tend to reduce the pressure in your senses and sex nerves.

B) If a doctor has told you that your heart and lungs are definitely healthy, learn to do deep, full breathing. Whenever you are feeling sexual pressure, practice full, slow, even breathing, with emphasis on making a longer exhalation than inhalation. Don’t breathe rapidly, as this exhausts or hurts the nerves in the chest area. Through the deep, full breathing, more energy will be activated in your upper body and often the intensity in the sex nerves diminishes significantly. In this practice, as you do it well, you’ll begin to feel greater vitality and warm, radiant love universally moving out from your chest to all humanity.

C) When you are haunted by thoughts of the attractive, physical body of another, appreciate its beauty or handsomeness but strive to think of the person more deeply. Strive to sense that person is a soul or spiritual being and wish him, or her, well with his, or her, life and goals. Often this approach will give you the freedom to choose whether to become involved with that person or to go forward with other goals that you have chosen.

D) Study yoga. While not foolproof, yoga is the best method for controlling and redirecting all forms of vital life force, including sexual energy. Yoga can help you transmute sexual desire if you are determined. However, yoga can also help you improve your sexual functioning in many ways if you are suffering sexual problems.

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