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A Guru in a Modern World
Moreover, there are problems in the tradition of Master and Initiate today. Some great Gurus, nearing the end of their lives, have become infirm or senile and are no longer capable of functioning as transferrers of higher consciousness. This circumstance is contrary to ancient writings but it happens today. In a chaotic world "smogged" by drugs, greed, violence, and self-gratification, these super-sensitive souls have more difficulty maintaining their health. Gurus, who of necessity take on the sins or karmas of their chelas, have great burdens to bear in these most difficult of times, and the self-indulgent culture often wears them out quickly. A Guru teaching in a metropolis is not unlike a soldier on a battlefield, subject to battle fatigue. Most Gurus of old had more peaceful times. That God sends Gurus eternally is his greatest blessing to man, and all Gurus should be valued for the love and service they give and for the goodness they embody in the lives of their beloved chelas.

Certainly one who seeks the Guru today must be selective and discriminating. You must be willing to search forever, search to the ends of the earth for the Master, as you concentrate mainly on developing yourself for the day that your Master — your great companion — will be attracted to the time and place where your initiation is received and your new life becomes established.

In your search for the Guru, keep in mind that...

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