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3  Obedience

You, as an initiate, agree to obey the Master regarding:

A) Your spiritual practices and other activities relating to your spiritual growth. (For example, your studies or your constancy in faith and good will.) Such instructions from your Master rarely intrude on your family life or career. If you have any questions about what you are expected to obey, talk with your Master before you seek initiation.

B) Your character. Your Master must have your cooperation in helping you overcome character flaws — or forget about higher consciousness. He must have the freedom to correct your inappropriate behavior if and when he sees fit. Remember, he loves you and has good will for you. The error in consciousness in back of the flaw he mentions is apparently very significant because he chooses to mention it. It’s important you be appreciative and thankful for his corrections, although your ego may rise up against the whole process. Your ego and ignorance, after all, are the villains of this teamwork.

Appreciative obedience is one of the most important qualifications.

The fourth qualification is...

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