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fireworksA Relationship Of Love
Masters are unique in their way of quickening higher consciousness. Each Master’s method creates hundreds of inspiring — and sometimes amusing — anecdotes. Usually their words have the spark of genius, of an inspiration that can be savored and developed through all time.

The Master/Initiate relationship is one of love. There is a respect and good will between the aspirant and his beloved Master. Both have a high opinion of one another and deeply respect the part the other plays in the success of the team, each being essential. The Master often prays for his devotee each day, and does everything he can to inspire the initiate to do his part. If the initiate does not do his part, he or she will ultimately live in great sorrow and unfulfillment, caught between two worlds — the physical world and the spiritual world — an alien to both.

Whenever any initiate succeeds, the initiate is given loving acknowledgement and great respect. That initiate who does his or her part becomes a great soul.

This invocation was sung in ancient days by...

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