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4  Persistent Asking

Usually you have to ask to be an initiate many times before you are accepted. The practice of persistent asking gives you a chance to reconsider, to pull out, or to explore other avenues before you enter into a relationship so profoundly eternal.

That is, the Lord himself creates and sustains a Master/Initiate relationship. It’s correct to infer that if you spurn the Master, you are spurning the Lord who sustains both the Master and your own soul, the divinity abiding within you. Nothing is more serious. No cancer or broken back can ever as deeply affect the fulfillment of your whole being as much as an initiate’s spurning of the Master.

As some enlightened initiates have declared, "Beloved Master, here at your feet is my only hope." They were speaking from their higher consciousness. They knew the significance of abiding in the love and instruction of the Master.

So, persistent asking enables each candidate who is considering being initiated to think about the matter very deeply and seriously. Perhaps, at your present point of advancement, you may decide it’s best not to seek entrance into so sacred and important a relationship. Initiation may not be appropriate. You may not be able to fulfill your part of the teamwork.

On the other hand, persistently asking the Master for initiation and the Master/Initiate relationship may help make your mind and heart more certain. You can sense your soul’s wisdom as you ponder. Your frequent prayers help you weigh factors buried deep in your psyche. As weeks go by, you deal with your doubts and anxieties about initiation. During the period of asking you get to know the Master better. You can also analyze how much priority you truly place on your spiritual path — and how strong your devotion really is.

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