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Qualifications for Initiation

More than ninety-nine percent of the time, the Master requires the candidate to prove his or her devotion and earnestness in meeting a number of well-considered qualifications. Different Masters stress different qualifications.

The goal of this chapter is a better understanding of the Master/Initiate possibility. Its purpose is not to recommend that you seek a Master. Many seekers are not so deeply interested in higher consciousness that they wish to be transformed by it. They are not sufficiently prepared — or interested — to have a relationship with a Master. Then again, you may be a suitable candidate. You may already be nearly qualified.

Whether you have a mild or intense interest in Masters, you can gain much growth toward higher consciousness by knowing the qualifications for the Master/Initiate relationship. To the extent you have, or develop, any of these attributes, your life is more unified, more powerful, and sweeter.

Since different Masters focus on specific qualifications differently, you will have to ask the Master you seek what he or she feels is most important. The general qualifications for being initiated by a Master are:

The first qualification is...

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