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  a spiritual man

The Master/Initiate tradition is an exciting one. As you progress and develop in faith and fellowship, becoming a fit companion, you will perhaps have a number of teachers — special and very able teachers — who will help you more deeply to understand your quest and your nature. These special teachers can give valuable instruction and inspiration. In the East they are often called Upa-Guru. It is very likely that Joseph, Jesus’ father, was an Upa-Guru. A seeker may have none, one, or many Upa-Gurus.

Each Upa-Guru helps prepare you for the ultimate meeting with the Sat Guru, the Spiritual Master. (Sat means truth or reality; the Sat Guru permanently awakens the seeker to truth. The term Guru usually means Sat Guru.)

The Sat Guru is the man or woman of God, an...

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