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Mutual Rights
Remember, the Master does not have to serve any initiate who is not happy and eager to see him. An initiate is duty-bound to keep his head on straight and deal with personal ego storms. He or she must behave maturely enough to be continually appreciative of the instruction, love, and insight of the Master. The spiritual well being of the initiate is at stake.

Regarding character, the Master has a right and duty to correct you, the initiate, whenever he is so moved. You, the initiate, are not only duty-bound to do what you have been told to do but must do as instructed with good will and love — even if you totally disagree with him. At the same time, there are few fit candidates for the Master/Initiate relationship in the world and most Masters will explain themselves and strive to deal most reasonably with the initiate’s protests and questions. A true Master has no desire whatever to dominate anyone, especially an initiate, and would rather be elsewhere than tell another person what to do. It is only out of love that he will give correction. Usually, today, he will not give correction unless it is readily appreciated.

Further, obedience to a Master in no way extends to lowering your morality or your being required to sexually satisfy him or her. A strange world precipitates these strange aberrations. When a supposedly great teacher asks such a thing, it is obvious he or she is not a great spiritual soul. 

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