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Who Are Typical Seekers of the Guru?
The characteristics seekers today have in common with one another are the same age-old marks of the seeker. Their world, however pleasant or unpleasant, has proven deeply unsatisfying to them. Whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, man or woman, they yearn to experience something more, something finer from life than the outer world in all its glitter has been able to provide. They ache to find more meaning and purpose in their existences. They don’t want to play superficial games at the office or at home. They want to cut through the sham and emptiness of their lives—however successful they may be materially — and experience "X."

For some, "X" is God. Others have had a tragic or insipid experience with religion; they are hostile to religion and the idea of God. They often seek lasting fulfillment or self-esteem. Others seek to know their own soul in self-realization. Others seek pure Spirit, the "Absolute Reality," or ego-effacement in Nirvana. For some, "X" is transformation.

Most all true seekers are ready to change. They want to give more of themselves, to love more. Their personal pain or emptiness propels them to seek wherever possible, and as long as necessary, the satisfaction of the call of their hearts. Their world proving at best incomplete, they are driven toward a finer life — inwardly and outwardly.

Seekers of the Guru can’t be satisfied with small prizes or temporary pleasures. Attentive students of life itself, they seek to solve the mystery of their existence. They are determined to know, to experience, their true nature and express it — whatever that means. Highly motivated, they are energetic, magnetic people who live with their long-term goals constantly in mind.

But another factor in the modern world makes...

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