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Weathering the Storms

Of course, many times the violent ways of the world or your ego will make the path seem more complex, or perhaps even impossible. But your team is able. With the help of your Master and your own effort at maintaining your spiritual practice, your character develops and you find inner strength. No storm of confusion or fear has the power to thwart your progress, not a one. Nothing can separate you from God. You will have victory over every frustration and obstacle. With your Master, you will prevail.

Still, there will be other storms from inside. Waves of old jealousies and memories, waves of pettiness, anger, and cruelty may flood your mind and heart from time to time. So, you simply do your spiritual practices, keeping God and your Master foremost in your mind. Like oil floating on the surface of water, your love is naturally uppermost. Whether you have spiritual experiences or not, you have, above all, a relationship with your Master and the extraordinary blessing of knowing a specific means to realize higher consciousness. You’re one of the richest people in the world already. You have what you truly need for the fulfillment of your life. In a sense, you have everything. Whether life brings outer storms or inner storms, you simply persist with sweet love and appreciation, knowing each day you are closer to realization of higher consciousness.

Also, you know through faith and growth you will...

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