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The Master/Initiate Relationship
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A Relationship of Love
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A Failed Relationship
False Guru
Becoming Ready
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Doing Your Part
Mutual Rights
Most Fortunate
The Master Will Appear
Eternal Friendship

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The Master and initiate are essentially a team. They must work together or the initiate will not achieve and maintain higher consciousness. Teamwork of a high degree is required. The way you, the seeker, conduct your daily life — in thought, word, and action — is vital to the success of the team.

Initiates often like to acknowledge that their Master’s love and grace alone is awakening them and accomplishing their lives’ fulfillment. They often think their Master is like the moon, having no light of its own but capable of reflecting the light of the brilliant sun directly into the night of their ignorance. And while a beginning seeker is physically incapable of beholding the splendor of God (goodness and higher consciousness), the Master reflects that Divine light in a muted manner — a divinely shining personality that testifies to a greater light. While the importance of the Master cannot be overestimated, the Master is not the only factor in an initiate’s ultimate delight. Essential, yes. But not the only essential.

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