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Doing Your Part
You, a prospective initiate, should keep in mind that you will, at or before your initiation, be required to agree, or formally make a vow, to obey the Master. This obedience is in two fields:


regarding your character; and


regarding your spiritual practice.

That is, before becoming an initiate, you will have to agree to do what the Master instructs regarding your spiritual practices — whatever is necessary in the development and consolidation of your higher consciousness. For example, the Master may require you chant a mantram ** a few hundred times each day, or direct your life force up and down your spine one hundred and eight times daily.

You may be required to keep your body healthy. You may be required to read or study various scriptures or to faithfully attend regular classes — whatever manner of consciousness-evolving practices the Master requires. While you enter the relationship voluntarily, entirely free of duress, and while this is a relationship of love, you will be required to do your part. Your obedience in spiritual practice and character development is fundamental to your success.

Remember, the Master does not have to...

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