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Your Personal Technique for Enlightenment

If you choose to go forward and be initiated, your Master will likely do some purification practice, perhaps chanting some mantrams or prayers as a preparation for transference of spiritual light. Often, you, the initiate, join in these practices of purification which usually take a few minutes.

Then your Master asks your help in invoking, through prayer, the presence of God. The two of you sit quietly, meditatively. You are sitting a few feet in front of your Master.

Your Master then lovingly conveys your personal technique for enlightenment. It may be a word or phrase for you to chant and concentrate on; it might be a breath control practice; or, perhaps, you will be given a specific technique for awakening spiritual centers in your spine and head. Initiated techniques are usually personal, according to the seeker’s individual strengths, and very diverse.

The Master patiently does the practice over and over until you understand it. Then you, the initiate, repeat the practice over and over until the Master is satisfied you can do it properly. Sometimes an initiate, while first doing the practice, becomes superconscious or enters levels of higher consciousness immediately. The devotee sits in sweet samadhi, a flowing state of higher consciousness, or a wondrous bhava, a mood of spiritual relationship. The Master lovingly watches you to be certain all is well and developing smoothly.

Sometime during the initiation the Master...

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