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Main Goals and Purposes
1  To help people around the world to know and make constructive use of the great mystical teachings, principles and techniques of the world’s major religions and spiritual paths.

2  To assist people who are already practicing a religious or spiritual path to find even greater inspiration and fulfillment with the help of the world’s mystical teachings.

3  To encourage recognition, appreciation and development of the mystical faculties within each person.

4  To help all people experience for themselves the mystical, spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life and being.

5  To assist and encourage people of different religious and spiritual paths to understand, love and appreciate one another more fully.

6  To inspire and assist people around the world to discover and realize greater peace, fulfillment and happiness through mystical and spiritual awareness.

7  To teach mystical prayer and meditation to all who seek spiritual awareness, and encourage daily prayer and meditation.

8  To establish daily mystical prayer for individuals who are suffering and in need.

9  To establish daily prayer for greater love and understanding between people, nations, religions and races.

We have more goals...

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