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The Path is Chosen
Out of the yearning and restlessness, the seeker searches the world for a way to proceed, a way to satisfy the heart’s deepest hope. A way of spiritual practice and development is found. Sometimes it seems that the Path chooses the devotee because of its availability and wonderful satisfaction.

carnationAt the point when the Path is chosen, effort and dedication truly begin. The propelled devotee realizes which form of yoga is most appropriate and helpful. He dedicates himself to it — usually practicing an hour a day. He, or she, chooses that combination of yoga techniques and meditations which most rapidly enable contact with the Lord of one’s true self.

Those who are dominantly emotional choose bhakti yoga
Those who are dominantly intellectual choose jnana yoga
Those who seek to attune their will with the higher self, with their Creator, choose raja and karma yoga, for example.

At first the devotees practice the...

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