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A Few People In Our Time
Sri Ramakrishna

The next stage of intimacy with the higher consciousness can only be imagined when you are in the fiancé mood. The more developed you are in any of the relationship moods, however, the more you will be able to anticipate the nature of these new moods. Sri Ramakrishna was humanity’s main teacher and demonstrator of these high moods.

He said that at some future time people may commonly experience these relationships. But, it probably would take thousands and thousands of years — perhaps tens of thousands — before these moods were widely experienced. He, however, suggested that a few people in our time will be able to achieve relationships with the higher consciousness which are supremely intense and intimate. He did caution that people who are unprepared and who presume to live at an intensity beyond their capacity might well suffer health problems and even go mad.

Bearing his caution in mind, are you ready to engage your thought in something most wondrous and sublime?

Using Sri Ramakrishna’s terminology — because of his...

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