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More Advanced Relationships
All Things Are Possible
Some Prefer Other States
As a Son or Daughter
A Loving Child
Raises You Up
As If Married
A Blessed Tenderness
Spiritual Children
The Fiancé
Great Intensity
What's It Like?
More Alive Than Imaginable
You Live For Your Beloved
Exalted and Thrilling

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Love grows. Love is not static.

When there is love in a relationship it is dynamic; the relationship is a living reality. Love moves your relationship forward into ever-new and more subtle dimensions.

You find it thrilling to be a lover of higher consciousness. In a sense, one of the fulfillments of life is to be able to love and love and love. The ongoing love transforms you.

Dynamic love enables you to see and experience life more fully and delightedly. Love becomes the cornerstone of your life. Faith has led you to this love and your experience of superconscious relationships. What more can be said?

Volumes can’t adequately describe the relationships which now...

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