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hands in pronam, a yogic greetingA Happy Ally
Trained by the servant mood, your discernment has been greatly increased. You begin to distinguish your real self from false patterns of thoughts and emotions. You no longer think of yourself as incapable of good judgments. Your enlightened sense of self is emerging.

Caring so much about the nature and works of higher consciousness, you find its concerns and challenges are your own. Your interests are deeply shared. The two of you have much in common. In a natural tide of love, complemented with your developing individuality, you become a true friend and happy ally with higher consciousness.

From your new coalesced individuality you share your personal thoughts, feelings, and battles with your friend. But, more and more, you live for the goals and delights of higher consciousness. At the same time, you sense higher consciousness is interplaying with you, sharing in all the significant events and commonplaces of your life. There’s a delightful sense of give-and-take, of sport and fun. You share interests as well as concerns.

Still pervaded with a deep sense of...

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