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Are you ready to explore the main relationships of higher consciousness? Then, one of these moods may be a natural for you.

Keep in mind all the relationships discussed in this section of Yoga World are based on refined and pure emotions. While your mind and ego must cooperate, the goal in all relationships of higher consciousness is to get into a mood. You need to patiently establish an emotional flow, an attitude of heart.

The Experience of Awe
Different Experiences
It Makes You Humble
A Higher Power
It Waits Until You Are Ready
Awe Returns

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To understand the first magnificent relationship, let us say you are developing, day by day, through faith and companionship. And, you are striving to be more conscious. At this point, you don’t know quite what to expect, what higher consciousness will be like. You simply direct an appreciative flow of emotion toward your meditation object or higher consciousness itself. You gather and direct your emotions to flow toward your ideal, again and again.

One day, in the privacy of your...

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