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Different Experiences of Awe
People have different experiences, depending on which part of their nature is more developed. 
  •   Often, light, blazing as bright as the sun, but ever so soothing to look into, is enchantingly beheld.
  •   However, most seekers in this state experience a "thunderous silence" which totally calms and stills their minds, as their consciousness is extended far beyond any dimensions they have ever conceived.
  •   Also, many seekers find the awe state as the "little" love in their hearts meets the infinite source of love and their whole self stands in shock.
Light, thunderous silence, and expanded love are some of the principal ways this major relationship is experienced. The main characteristic, in all cases, is dumbfounded awe.

You return from this experience viewing all life and every living thing with a sense of deep respect and a lingering awe. Even the earth beneath your feet is sensed to have a new significance. Everything you see has an added dimension. You sense that the pure consciousness which you recently beheld has created and is sustaining all the physical forms and every person you see. You try to find words to approximate your experience, but it cannot be communicated. Only the similar direct experience of another person enables understanding.

In the days and weeks after your...
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