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Beyond Awe
One great, exciting day you go beyond the awe mood. Propelled forward through the development of your awe relationship you become fit, and eager, to grow into the next mood of higher consciousness.

Do you have a tendency to dominate others? In the quiet of your mind, would you secretly like to rule or control your part of the world? Even when you have little chance to dominate some situation, do you critically sit on the sidelines, your mind storming with your desire to control — to have matters done your way?

As the awe mood matures you, you will conclude the Lord of your heart, or the higher consciousness, is more able and wise than you are in your personal will and limited opinion. As you grow in relating to higher consciousness, it becomes progressively more obvious that higher consciousness is superior to you in many ways. You discover higher consciousness is more knowing, loving, and capable than you are, to say the least. In the humility which develops from your frequent experiences with higher consciousness, you also conclude you don’t want to dominate others or be a subtle tyrant anymore. You no longer feel you’re right, or fully knowledgeable, about almost everything.

In a way, you come to appreciate being...

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