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Bliss Changes You
a marvelous mountain lakeContinuing your fiancé to fiancée mood, ecstasy fills your body from brain to toe tips. The bliss changes your cells so they can contain such a great rush of energy and devotion. Seekers who cannot handle the higher energy shake, tremble, weep, and sometimes roll around the room. Occasionally, their bodies leap up off the ground even when they are seated. While these involuntary actions can appear to be interesting oddities, or even signs of holiness to some, a nerve problem is indicated and your nerves must be toned so higher states can be held calmly — without jerking, shaking, or trembling.

Please keep in mind only a few dozen people in the world are capable of maintaining the level of consciousness we are describing here. We’re not describing other phenomena which may also involve shaking, jerking, and the incapacity of the nerves to handle even a small amount of energy.

Your transformed body, developed through...

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