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A Loving Child
However, because of the often manifest capacity of a mother to love her child, whether good or bad, with unconditional love and acceptance, many seekers prefer to think of the higher consciousness in the aspect of mother. That is, they feel the higher consciousness has the qualities of total acceptance, non-judgmental love, and eternally patient correction. While Daddy is often away at work, Mother is generally nearby night and day. While Father’s corrections seem more stern or perhaps even threatening, Mother’s corrections appear more calm and constant.

As mentioned, these stereotypes may not be true at all. However, many seekers find themselves predisposed at this intense high level of awareness to conceive of the higher consciousness as acting much as a mother would act — with unconditional love and patient correction. Through greater intimacy you become, as it were, a member of the family of higher consciousness, a son or a daughter who is at home with higher consciousness — perfectly comfortable. You become free to receive the higher faculties and greater power coming from your new mood of love — whether you prefer to focus on the father or mother aspect.
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At this stage, you have been considerably purified and are progressively less able to use higher power for personal or selfish ends. As a son or daughter you are being prepared, groomed, for a mature life in higher consciousness.

In the child to mother or father...

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