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Spiritual Children
Just as man and woman together bring forth children, so too the seeker who lives in this exalted state — as if a husband or wife of the ishta (the form of higher consciousness) — finds spiritual children are engendered. Usually at the level of this relationship you become capable of teaching others about higher consciousness. Or, you become capable of inspiring others so much that they will sense the reality of higher consciousness and pursue greater awareness of it. Also, you may find that your talents can be turned to writing, art, or other projects which will uplift and benefit others.

The ability to do something concrete, to serve the welfare of other people or humanity at large, becomes energetically inseminated, takes birth, and grows at this stage. Development of your work or calling may take some time. It may also be more a general service of good will to others in the course of your daily life rather than a specific project or mission. However, at this stage of intimacy and love with the higher consciousness, you become a fit person to truly and significantly play a part in the loving outreach of higher consciousness toward all people.

More intense than the marriage relationship is...

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