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A History of Religious Condemnation
It’s not easy to discuss God in form because people of some faiths condemn the religious, or spiritual, practices of those in other faiths. At times, including the present, lovers of God have been murdered for thinking of their Lord in a different way from what others insisted was the only way. Men and women who considered themselves dedicated and honorable people have imprisoned those outside their own religion. Also, as this spirit of self-righteous interpretation and opinion grows cruel from time to time, many people within most faiths have killed others who practiced the same religion differently. Witness the disappearance of the early leader of the Baptist Church in England who was very likely beheaded for questioning the divine right of kings, and for his views on baptism. a red cliffWitness the mountains of bodies during the Thirty Year’s War in Europe (1618-1648) when religious differences divided a whole population.

Any reference to history will help people realize how far we must yet travel to give true love and good will to one another — not only as individuals but as groups too, as nations and faiths. Love and understanding are especially needed when the world’s religions are moved to share the Lord with others.

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