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You Share in the Emanation
Now the devotee is at the height of his or her soul’s expression and can be most instrumental in changing life’s situations constructively. Will, love, intelligence, and power unite. Consider that all the advancements in civilization and the quality of life have occurred when people became more conscious. As people raise their consciousness they are not only able to solve many of their own problems, but they are also able to offer viable solutions for the world’s problems.

a bright mountainThe transformed lover in Nitya Lila sees the world situation clearly and, while acutely concerned, he constantly sees new hopes and possibilities for humanity. Even wars and bloodshed can be ameliorated. Some songs written by those who have experienced Nitya Lila say the "divine player" can suggest the creation of galaxies or universes and the Lord will fulfill his request.

As a devotee in Nitya Lila, you live in...

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