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Eternal Love

"Now, my Lord,

I love you whether you choose

to stay here or leave me.

Lord, I love you whether I enjoy loving you or not. I love you totally. If I enjoy loving you, fine. If I don’t enjoy loving you, that is also fine. But I love you. I live in love. I love you and I can’t help it. Whether I ever see you again, whether you ever respond again, whether my personal inadequacies make me feel sad or in agony, I don’t care. I love you. I love you now. I live for you and your sweet will. I love you always — by your grace — no matter what!"

This perfected love is called Nitya Radha, the eternal love between beloved devotee and beloved Lord. You realize the seeming withdrawal of the Lord and his seeming lack of care was an act of love. The two of you brought it about to facilitate the necessary growth within you.

You needed to grow into being a person who can love so profoundly that your mood of love becomes eternal — beyond time, beyond space — incapable of destruction or impediment.

There is yet another, even higher mood...

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