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Only For Him
The fiancé to fiancée relationship was so powerful it transformed you and, as you now grow in love, you are compelled by your new nature to love even more dynamically, even more intimately. And so, the Kama Radha relationship between the individual soul, Radha, and the higher consciousness happens. Ramakrishna would urge that Kama Radha be recognized as a mood between the individual soul and the Lord. Sri Ramakrishna would also have a much larger vocabulary of subtle terms to use than our English language allows.

Endeavoring to approximate Ramakrishna’s terms: in the Kama Radha experience you become such an intense, transformed lover you only care about one thing, you only live for one thing: the Lord and your love of him. He (or She) seems your all in all. You conduct your life only for him. You live or die for him only. Your actions are for him — your conversation, your exercise and study. You eat for him. Your thoughts are for him. You think only out of love for him. You have the conviction you exist for him only.

But believe it or not, there is a tinge of selfishness in the blazing love of Kama Radha — your spiritual desire for your Beloved. The selfishness concerns the quality of your love. However high you may be and however deeply deserving of the respect of all humanity, your love has a shortcoming. If your lofty love play with the Lord grows progressively, you are happy and all is well.

However, if your Beloved withdraws himself...

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