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Moving Forward
a grassy bayYou will notice, when you experience the mood of awe and enter into this relationship with the higher consciousness, scarcely any effort is required to sustain the relationship — to live in a degree of awe and wonder. Your experience is so profound it frees you of petty emotions and thoughts; all you have to do is nurture the mood. You simply protect your mood from distractions or irritations which, for one reason or another, make you desire to live in fear, anger, or jealousy once again. With practice you learn to patiently ward off all potential disruptions of your emotional focus and return to your clear, strong mood.

In order to prepare yourself for a more advanced and potentially gratifying mood, recall the awe mood, specifically. You first make the effort to be more conscious and develop faith through keeping good companionship — outside and in — and then suddenly your being opens into the first mood. You realize your relationship with the infinite, omnipotent, incredible source of existence. Beholding that greatness, being touched by such immensity, awe fills your being.

The sense of awe humbles your ego, flooding your...

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