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Friend to Friend
To clarify and sum up, the awe and servant relationships may — if you are so predisposed and able — mature into a new attitude, a new mood of the heart. Then you feel a soul-deep response to the call of higher consciousness which leads you to discover your true nature and value in the "eyes" of higher consciousness. A new and transformed person, you easily become a friend to higher consciousness. The two of you relate more intimately, friend to friend. You share life at a deeper level. While mindful of the greatness and amazing superiority of your senior companion, you feel free and welcome to chat and converse in rich dialogues with the higher consciousness — usually communicated superconsciously, non-verbally. In this friend mood of higher consciousness, you discover a greater capacity for intimacy and a person to Person relationship with the Lord.
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Your relationship, being a true friendship, conducted at a higher level of awareness (not imagination), bears fruit in daily life. If you are not becoming a better person or a more able and competent person in your friend mood, chances are fantasy is dominating you. If your compassion for others is increasing and if your body and mind feel extremely blessed, then very likely you are experiencing the mood of relationship called friend to friend.

Remember, in this true friendship between...

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