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A World of Yoga

Friends Relationship

The servant grows. But as you mature in the servant mood, you begin to feel there must be something more. While you find yourself much more fulfilled and successful as a servant than when you looked upon yourself as boss, your growing familiarity with the nature of higher consciousness impels a new understanding.

Your higher consciousness reveals more fully as the days and months go by that it loves you very much and is more interested in your happiness than you ever were. Higher consciousness reveals it doesn’t love you because you’ve become a good servant. It loves you for yourself not because of services rendered — however deeply they are appreciated.

A Dynamic Relationship

So you begin to perceive the servant relationship is extremely beneficial to your life but that the higher consciousness itself wants you to go on, to move forward in your relationship.

Higher consciousness wants

you to grow into

a more dynamic relationship

which has greater intimacy

one with more love,

sharing, and communication.

Interplay of Friendship

As you relate more appreciatively with your higher consciousness, an incredible friendship begins. Your relationship, which began in awe and then progressed into serving the higher consciousness, now moves forward another major step.

Because of your accelerated awareness, your higher consciousness wants to be your friend and enjoy the interplay of friendship with you. It wants to do more than tell you what to do.

In the awe and servant relationships, you sloughed off old tendencies and became a more developed instrument of higher consciousness. As old habit patterns are released, your true personality and sense of identity gradually emerges. Being a servant has accomplished this new growth while at the same time helping you become relatively free of selfishness. You have a growing sense of what is important to, and deeply appreciated by, the higher consciousness within you.

A Happy Ally

Trained by the servant mood, your discernment has been greatly increased. You begin to distinguish your real self from false patterns of thoughts and emotions. You no longer think of yourself as incapable of good judgments. Your enlightened sense of self is emerging.

Caring so much about the nature and works of higher consciousness, you find its concerns and challenges are your own. Your interests are deeply shared. The two of you have much in common. In a natural tide of love, complemented with your developing individuality, you become a true friend and happy ally with higher consciousness.

From your new coalesced individuality you share your personal thoughts, feelings, and battles with your friend. But, more and more, you live for the goals and delights of higher consciousness. At the same time, you sense higher consciousness is interplaying with you, sharing in all the significant events and commonplaces of your life. There’s a delightful sense of give-and-take, of sport and fun. You share interests as well as concerns.

Your Immortal Friend

Still pervaded with a deep sense of respect and a permanent awareness of the greatness of your new companion, you are so aware of being loved that you do not hesitate to share your deepest thoughts and worries — or honestly confide your character flaws.

Of course, in the friend relationship you feel you are a different kind of being from your immortal friend. You humbly reflect at times that you are a mortal friend of an immortal, who very graciously loves you. You sense you have a very different nature from your benevolent companion.

The Treasure of Your Life

The mood of close friendship with the higher consciousness can resemble a hilarious game of tag or a heavenly conversation — a conversation from the soul, and beyond words. Much as regular friendships enrich people in sorrow and delight, illness and health, poverty and wealth, hectic times and quiet times, your mood of friendship will be the treasure of your life. You’ll discover higher consciousness to be loyal and true to you under all circumstances.


I clasp this hand you offer me. You walk in my time and I in immortality.


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