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Friends of God
And The Incarnation
Millions of religious people think of God as their friend. They often like to think of the higher consciousness as having subtle form, of being embodied. For example, many Christians feel that Jesus Christ, in subtle form, an embodiment of higher consciousness, is their friend. They feel his presence.

They can, when in a superconscious state themselves, perceive his subtle form. They walk with him and talk with him, as the hymn says. They feel Jesus to be their real, embraceable Lord and friend. They feel he is beside them at their work or especially when they are in difficulty.

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When they pray they sense they are not speaking to a distant, possibly diffused body of light and power, but that Jesus is there sitting before them or kneeling beside them in their room. They are certain they are not engaged in imagination although, they grant, many people may engage in imagination.

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