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Give and Take
Jesus ChristAsk any Catholic nun — that is, almost any nun — about her relationship with the Lord. If she is willing to share, she will charm you for hours describing "her" beloved Jesus. She may also, perhaps, confide her concern for many priests who seem to relate to God in an abstract manner and who talk about the Holy Spirit as if he’s not a person. Jesus is friend, husband, and Lord to many nuns.

For some people, the natural outgrowth of their quest for higher consciousness is a sense of a personal friend to friend relationship. For others, it’s just not conceivable and other possibilities seem more appropriate.

In the friend to friend relationship, both friends are important. The give-and-take is extremely valuable to the friendship. Although the higher consciousness is so much more aware, able, and infinitely more beautiful — at least it seems so to the new friend — both must contribute. Both must also be themselves. Both friends are essential to the relationship. Friendship cannot be one way.

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