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Great Intensity
Intensity of your mood, while you maintain precise mental balance, is of primary importance in the next mood. Only as your love becomes more powerful can you go beyond the husband to wife relationship with higher consciousness. This lofty mood transcends the as if married relationship. It’s called the fiancé to fiancée mood. This state is attained by very, very few seekers. Perhaps only a few dozen devotees in the world today are capable of living at this level. The emotional and mental intensity required is so great that unless you have developed your body and all your faculties tremendously, your health will break down. You will not be able to bear such love for a day, let alone live in it for months or years. Still, the fiancé to fiancée relationship will inevitably happen if you increase your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through exercise, honesty, and devotion.

The fiancé to fiancée mood takes its name from the behavior of young lovers and their extraordinary passion. Because love for the higher consciousness becomes flat out purified, unselfish passion, this sovereign mood is very much like that of fiancés. (In fact, this terminology was used in spiritual circles before society changed so much.)

When people are deeply in love and preparing for...

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