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The Higher Will
Further, intuitive flashes while in the awe mood have proven right for you time and time again. Also, the satisfactions of expressing the greater wisdom of higher consciousness are so much more pleasing than those lonely and often anxious decisions made in regular states of consciousness. More and more, you find yourself developing a fondness to know what the higher consciousness wishes. Maturing in this relationship, then, on that special day, you’ll turn to the higher consciousness and start asking, "What is the higher will?"

a white swanAs days and weeks go by, you strive to realize and correctly interpret the higher will in your life. You find your life much improved, and your mind becomes almost worry-free. You gradually develop confidence in your aptitude to contact the will of the higher consciousness and to forthrightly do it. This is a most important time of your life in that you, through much development, give up asserting your egoic, personal will on others or on life itself. You seek to know a higher, more conscious, will; and you desire to live in harmony with it, serving it as best you can.

Finally, you may even go so far as to...

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