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The Highest Moods
Bliss Changes You
The Divinized Body
A Few People In Our Time
Kama Radha
A New You
Only for Him
Will You Still Love Him?
Prema Radha
Joyous Lover
I Love to Love You
Nitya Radha
Deep Questions
They Look Within
Pure Love Radiates
Eternal Love
Nitya Lila
Share in the Emanation
The Ever-New Dance

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Shall We Go On?

Believe it or not, you can experience even greater relationships with higher consciousness. It’s hard to believe but there’s more — if you’re interested and able.

There is a basic requirement: your love must be so deep it changes you. Your nerves have to be capable of maintaining what feels like many times the normal levels of energy. There are many analogies about the changes required. Some yogis have characterized the nerve change as: "A 110-watt bulb must become an 1100-watt bulb." Not only does your nervous system have to be transformed, the fiancé to fiancée mood must further strengthen your body, mind, and heart in order for you to enter these extremely advanced dimensions of life. As always, the science of yoga is particularly helpful in increasing your abilities.

Continuing your fiancé to fiancée mood, ecstasy fills your...

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