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It Makes You Humble
In the days and weeks after your experience of higher consciousness you continue your daily life with an ongoing sense of awe. The afterglow of this incomparable state reorients your attitudes and perceptions. This mood or relationship of awe performs a most valuable secondary task: it makes you humble — it enables you to sense a reality greater than anything your selfish will or ego can possibly dominate or rule.
a stream in the fall In this relationship you get a sense of who is really the boss, or how tiny you truly are. On the other hand, as the relationship of awe develops, you pause regularly to sweetly muse that such a great reality, such a phenomenal being or existence, has lovingly revealed itself to you — as tiny as you are in comparison. You delight that little as you are, amid planets and galaxies, you are nevertheless capable of a relationship with something so astonishingly, enthrallingly grand.

This awe mood is extremely valuable because...

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