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Ishta — Eastern Religious Term
a hill in early morning lightEastern religions have a word for this aspect of higher consciousness and spirituality. One who thinks of the Lord in form is worshipping and relating to what is called an ishta. This phenomenon of the ishta is extremely helpful to those entering into the friend to friend relationship and all subsequent moods of higher consciousness. The ishta concept can certainly be of help, too, in the previous mood of the servant relationship.

However, in considering the ishta, the human form of God, communication between people becomes difficult. Millions of people strongly assert there is no God at all: not in any form nor absolute state, either. Sincere members of some faiths are certain God exists but has no human form. They look upon worshippers of an anthropomorphic God with pity, or sometimes hostility. Devout adherents of some other faiths are convinced that God has one divine/human form — and one form only. And then large numbers of Hindus worship numerous gods with divine and human attributes — who comprise different aspects of the one infinite source of all: Brahman.

It’s not easy to discuss God in form because... 

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