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What's the Fiancé to Fiancée Relationship Like?
When people are deeply in love and preparing for marriage, the young man and woman can think of little else but their beloved. They have to make an effort to turn their mind to other activities or other thoughts. Even then, their minds continually drift into daydreams of one another, fantasies about their future, and phone calls. They love one another so much they are capable of sitting up all night talking and yet rushing off to work early in the morning, fresh and eager for the day to pass so they can be together again that night — and similarly the next night and the next.

Weekends are too short. These lovers are so intense about one another, so totally concentrated, that it seems to them other people only half exist. Normal humdrum words take on melody when coming from the throat of a fiancé. Little wishes, quite trivial perhaps, become extremely important in this blazing love. The world is seen fresh and new. Life has new prospects. The couple know their love is so deep they can withstand any test, any problem, and any erosions of time. If these dear lovers could be hooked up to appropriate wires, perhaps the force of their love would light a city for years.

This fiancé to fiancée relationship, observable in many high schools and colleges, among other places, is beautiful to see when the couple genuinely love one another in a healthful, wholesome way. They demonstrate caring and concern every day. Exposed and vulnerable to harm from scoffers and their own insensitivities, they fortify their trust in one another. Each is willing to take the risk and love completely, holding nothing back, whatever the consequences.

Many of these same qualities are found in...

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