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A Joyous Lover
The Prema Radha state is one in which you, the individual soul, enter into a mood of awareness something like this:

"I love you totally, my Lord.

I deeply enjoy loving you.

You may come or go.

You may do as you please,

but I enjoy nothing more

than loving you.

And in my enjoyment of loving you, my enjoyment alone is enough for me. I will love you whether you are present in my consciousness and we are in our love play, or if you go away for a thousand eons. Always, I will enjoy this constant state of my love. I can enjoy loving you whether you are here now, or whether I never see you again, my Beloved. And, if for some reason you choose to place me away from you, from this moment through all eternity, still I will enjoy loving you." 

Who knows what number of people have attained...

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