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Kama Radha — The Transformed Lover
Using Sri Ramakrishna’s terminology — because of his knowledge and because his is the only available vocabulary regarding the extremely advanced higher states today — let your mind, in partial satisfaction, savor a marvelous progression: the possibility of becoming God’s spiritual playmate.

You, surviving the fiancé mood, having successfully matured and been transformed by the intensity of your love play, now possess a subtly changed body in which to work and express. In a sense, you’re a member of a new species or the next plateau of the human species. Sri Ramakrishna called these individual souls Radha. He used the term Radha because the individual soul is the beloved of God, just as the ancient devotee, Radha, was the beloved of the Incarnation, Krishna. So, by Radha, Sri Ramakrishna means you — the devotee, the individual soul.

Keep in mind, too, please, that by the time you have passed through the fiancé to fiancée relationship, incredible transformation of your sense of self has occurred. After all, you have surrendered yourself at the servant level and then a deeper, truer sense of self has developed through the friend relationship into the son or daughter mood. Then you went through the married relationship into the fiancé intensity. Thus, a great amount of transformation and self-surrender has already occurred. Now, in most senses a new being, you enter the Radha relationships. **

Before, your physical eyes...

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