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You Live For Your Beloved
In this ultrahigh mood of love, with your heart and mind so easily wavering from mundane concerns, you could become a menace when driving a car or doing an honest day’s work. But as you experience this mood, you will find an obvious solution for your tendency to be absent-minded about the world. Simply drive, work, and attend to the details of your day with the attitude that you are doing them for your beloved. Feel it is for your beloved that you are doing the various errands of daily life. In this manner you can think constantly of your beloved even while doing something very complex.

Now your attitude and the greatness of your love create a new motive and a new power within you. You perform inspired service in a degree which far transcends the servant level, for example. Why? You live for your beloved. You have become an instrument, a constantly devoted companion of higher consciousness. Your life has become merged in higher consciousness.

However, so few people mature in this love that the fiancé to fiancée relationship is a rarity in the world. The few who live in this superhuman delight are mainly monks and nuns, priests, spiritual teachers. It’s a shame many people turn from this intense mood of love because they are either preoccupied or afraid. Sadly, they dare not trust in a consciousness which would most capably help them but which, in its scope, frightens them.

Then, too, the fiancé to fiancée mood of love is... 

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