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They Look Within Themselves
In this dejection a great pivot point has been reached. What happens next? The weak seekers fuss and fume. But in due course the Lord returns to their awareness and their joy ultimately is built back up again. They resume life at the ferocious level of Prema Radha once more. Of course, if in the future their joy falls away at times, so does their love.

sky peaking through rocksBut the strong ones, throughout history, continue to accept transformation — and "love" their way beyond Prema Radha. The dynamics of love do not quit at Prema Radha mood. These few lovers look within themselves when Prema Radha love breaks apart. They look at the frailty of their love rather than judge or condemn their Beloved. They suffer, yearn, and ache but they endeavor to love anyway, despite the diminishing of their joy, despite the concomitant lessening of their love. These rare lovers desperately investigate their love and determine what is really the problem. They hurriedly search their attitudes and behavior to find what is really wrong. While feeling so alone and so distant from their Beloved, they minutely examine their all-precious love, searching for its fatal flaw.

In time the transcenders of...

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